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World Cup Tech Challenge


" Groups: Virtual Reality "

On June 1st at Microsoft's campus in Mountain View, 23 startups representing 13 countries gathered together to compete for the Cup, and entrepreneurs and investors alike came to celebrate innovative technology from around the world. Combining global technology innovation with a touch of friendly competition, the World Cup Tech Challenge is a dynamic way for startups from around the world to launch their products in Silicon Valley for the first time. Silicon Valley Forum is proud to have welcomed so many wonderful companies from countries all over the world.

Startups from over 50 countries applied, and the top 23 qualified via a thorough selection process. The winner in each Group was selected by votes from each expert judging panel.


" NunuloVR provides the world-first VR HMD with adjustable lens, thru which you can enjoy even more vivid images of VR and reduce dizziness, nausea, etc. "

(With Korean startups and Michael Camitz, and Swedish startups)

Michael Camitz, Chief Mentor and former Deloitte Senior Advisor at UIC, said, “Korean startups are incredibly innovative and creative. Especially their level of technology leaves me speechless. If they make sure they have good revenue models and business models, I have no doubt about their success. And lately in Sweden, many startups actually want to enter the Korean market and the collaboration with Korea. We at UIC are going to try our best to find ways to support Korean startups we met today.”


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