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NUNULO is a company dedicated to researching and developing innovative lens technology for VR (Virtual Reality) devices. We combine cutting-edge optical technology with creative design to maximize VR device performance and enhance user experiences, striving to create innovative products.

Our vision at NUNULO is to become a globally recognized leader in VR device lens technology. By providing customers with more realistic and immersive virtual reality experiences, we aim to lead the way in merging the digital and real worlds.

Our Achievements:
Through continuous research and development in VR device lens technology, NUNULO has achieved significant milestones. We successfully conducted a crowdfunding project on the renowned Kickstarter platform, establishing global recognition. Additionally, we made it to the finals of the Silicon Valley World Cup Tech Challenge, earning recognition for our technical expertise. Our technical presentations at domestic and international conferences have also garnered attention and praise.

Current Ongoing Project:
NUNULO is currently working on its third-generation product, a dedicated Interstellar lens that achieves a slim form factor with a single lens. By significantly improving VR device design and portability, we aim to provide users with a more comfortable and realistic virtual reality experience.

Promise for the Future:
NUNULO is committed to continuous research and innovation, pushing VR lens technology to new heights. We promise to meet customer demands, adapt to market trends, and continually develop as a key component of VR devices. Our vision is to create a better digital world, enabling people to experience virtual reality seamlessly as if it were real.








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