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Welcome to NUNULO, Inc.!


My name is James Kim, the Founder and CEO. With our product, the Nunulo VR, we strive to offer a seamless VR experience to all users. Our company focuses on the creation and production of IT products that cater toward the well-being and comfort of the consumers. We care about the user's perspective, quite literally, by designing and building viewable products that are adaptable to their eyesight and unique visual circumstance.


One winter day in 2013...

Using a VR device purchased overseas, I came to experience a mysterious world.


However, I felt uncomfortable due to the use of VR after taking a shower, or indoors, even when indoors and my body temperature and temperature changes in the air, and normal visual acuity. Was born. Nevertheless, my experience of flying like a Superman in the room continued to be used despite the discomfort of the eyes. Eventually, as the amount of son-in-law increased over time, discomfort was added to the eyes, and I suggested it to the developer in order to improve it.

The company, who is aware of these problems, heard that the solution was an off-site solution.

I challenged a field where no one was interested.

First, People with normal vision, and those who wear glasses, develop a variable focusing mechanism that can reduce stable fatigue in viewing images only by correcting at a very short distance through refraction adjustment (variable focus).

Second, We developed a VR-only lens that can express a wide angle with distortion that can give a sense of space with both eyes within 1Cm ~ 4Cm in front of the eyes.

Third, VR that can be seen in the corrected state without wearing glasses, development of aspherical correction lens and antifog coating with excellent optical superiority

Fourth, PC based wireless VR Device and open platform (virtual world) development.

It was founded with the above objectives, and as time went by, it was gradually recognized as a core development factor of VR.

We consider the different eye conditions according to race, age, gender, etc., and continue research and development to enjoy the world of virtual reality like the new world.

Virtual reality will soon open a new revolutionary market that will change the world.

VR Device, a tool for new civilization, seeks investors and talent to share future value to develop for everyone.

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"We designed our experience and created for user's eyes"

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