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Office USA) 1501 Westcliff Dr.#307 Newport Beach, CA 92660

TEL . +1 408-761-4216 / FAX. 949-288-6265

Office KOREA) #14556 122, Jomaru-ro 385 been-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea.

TEL . +82 70-7719-0200 / FAX. +82 32-325-7820

​Combination of lens and software suitable to eyes of users

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Nunulo designed this product to combat the issues that I, as well as other VR users, have experienced.


"Nunulo" means "through the eyes" in Korean, and our product is distinct, as it incorporates a lens that prioritizes the comfort, satisfaction, and well-being of our users and their eyes.


Eye-wearable wearable devices need to be studied for sensitive eye conditions.

The Nunulo VR counters and significantly reduces the negative side effects that come with traditional VR devices, such as headaches, dizziness, nausea. 

With this product, we hope to offer each user a seamless VR experience.

It’s no surprise that every individual has a distinct eye shape and a particular eyesight. 

Slight changes in VR devices may cause severe image distortion and double vision. For those wearing glasses, this phenomenon can lead to dizziness, nausea and headaches because the eyes are constantly trying to adapt to the unclear image.

In order to obtain a clear image of an object at extremely close distances, users have to see the object through a convex lens.

However, one type of convex lens cannot meet all different optical conditions. Conventional convex lenses, which are used by most head-mount devices, have a balanced and identical thickness all around the lens. 

Yet, our lens, called the "imbalanced convex lens", has a carefully calculated and distributed thickness. Therefore, it has the ability to be precisely adjusted to every individual’s distinct visual circumstance.

Application of optical calibration system. automatic/Semi-automatic calibration device.

(Pupil center distance / Focus / Axis)

A device that can overcome eye strain and distorted dizziness by correcting refractive error and heterophoria of eyes.


Maximize space sense and 3 dimensional effect of virtual reality, with VR dedicated lens design and manufacturing.


With VR dedicated lens technology, implement VR optimized assembly using S/W that can be adjusted to eye conditions of all users.

Will you invest for the future?

We are researching and developing VR device that protects precious eye and can enjoy.

Wireless transmission from PC to Device, and from VR DEVICE NUNULO HOME A system that drives VR content.

It is possible to develop extended APP of VR DEVICE, and DEVICE can be upgraded.


The thinnest virtual reality device.

(T) 70 x (W) 180 x (H) 100 (unit:mm)

Vr | Nunulovr | 대한민국


"Enjoy even better experience with performance beyond device capability"

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